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The Coral Princess is a cruise ship owned and operated by Princess Cruises line. The vessel along with sister ship Island Princess was launched in 2002. The Coral Princess and Island Princess are the only two Panamax ships operated by Princess Cruises and are the only Princess ships built in France by Chantiers de l'Atlantique. She holds the highest paid toll to pass through the Panama Canal at over $350 500.

* Coral Princess Cruises (Great Barrier Reef) * DescaradA Cruises * Murray River Cruises - Murray Princes 1
Coral Princess will feature an innovative power generation technology - a combination of diesel engines and gas turbines - and will offer 85% outside staterooms, most with private 2
Coral Princess is a luxurious way to escape completely, with all the amenities for an amazing cruise vacation.3
board the Coral Princess within twenty minutes.4
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Coral Princess <- Click for Princess Cruises Coral Princess page Princess Cruises Maiden Voyage 2003 1,970 Pax Size 92,000 01/22/2012 Caribbean Princess Coral Princess Crown Princess Dawn Princess 6
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Coral Princess cruise calendar, just click on the green dot in your month and area of interest! Or you can see a list of all itineraries in our database for 8
Coral Princess Designed specifically for cruising the Panama Canal, Coral Princess appeals to an active, well-traveled crowd.9
Coral Princess features an innovative power generation technology - a combination of diesel engines and gas turbines - and offers 90% outside staterooms, most with private balconies.10
Coral Princess has made the luxury of a private balcony affordable for everyone.11
Coral Princess Hotel and Resort, it is no different: sun-bleached sheets dress the beds and royal blue countertops provide a pop of color in the living area and bath.12
Coral Princess Inn is an elegant 25-room boutique hotel offering the business traveler and families an excellently priced alternative in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.13
Coral Princess is one of just two ships in the Princess fleet specially built to sail through the Panama Canal! Ninety percent of her staterooms offer ocean 14
Coral Princess leaving Fort Lauderdale on 28/01/07, photos copyright Aad Hoogesteger 15
Coral Princess Leisure & Recreation Facilities Teens will enjoy cruising on Coral Princess where they have their own dedicated space to socialise with friends that features table 16
Coral Princess Specificationsthumbnail The Coral Princess was built with the purpose of cruising the Panama Canal.17
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Builder of the Coral Princess is Chantiers de l'Atlantique.

Coral Princess' inaugural season features of a series of Panama Canal sailings roundtrip from Ft. Lauderdale.19
Coral Princess, measuring 470 square feet, which includes the size of the balcony.20
Coral Princess, Princess cruises calling the port of Montego Bay Jamaica Carnival Cruise Lines: Capacity: 1966 Passengers More Excursions Island Marketing Ltd 21
Get Coral Princess Ship Search for Coral Princess Ship Princess Cruises® Personalized Cruise Options, Ship & Destination Info. Learn More Today Reef & Accom.22
Here is a video of the Coral Princess at Vancouver, BC waiting to take off for it's 7 day cruise to Alaska.23
In addition to the Fixed Traditional Seating, Coral Princess has cooked up a revolution in cruising called Anytime Dining.24
Just as on Princess' larger vessels, CORAL PRINCESS has three distinctive show lounges, but with one added dimension.25
of the Coral Princess in port with her "gas turbine/diesel enviro engines installed above decks in the funnel, it is obvious that this ship is something different.26
Overall impression of the Coral Princess was very good. Overall impression of the Coral Princess was very good.27
Overall the Coral Princess cruise was great so I'm only going to mention the negatives for you to avoid or to be aware of.28
The exciting new Coral Princess debuts in December 2002.29
This week's 3 most popular Coral Princess cruises based on site visits 1. 7 night Voyage of the Glaciers ex Vancouver on 28 May 2012, from $1,013 2.30
We stayed at the Coral Princess the first week of January with our two grandchildren. We had a great time and the Coral Princess is a good place to bring our family.31
Coral Princess was the first Princess ship to feature a New Orleans-style restaurant, a cigar bar, a TV studio, and a casino with a London street theme.32
The 92,000 ton Coral Princess is one of only two ships in the Princess line able to sail through the Panama Canal; with 24 inches to spare on either side.33
The Coral Princess is one of the newer Princess ships we have been on with the typical spaces found on medium sized ships including a large screen on 34
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