Costa Concordia
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39;s Sestri Ponente yards in Italy. The name Concordia was intended to express the wish for continuing harmony, unity and peace between European nations. She is the namesake of Concordia-class, with sisters, Costa Serena, Carnival Splendor which was built for Carnival Cruise Lines, Costa Pacifica, Costa Favolosa, and Costa Fascinosa.

STORIFY | Costa Concordia captain condemned on social media TRANSCRIPT | Ship-to-shore radio exchange after accident Cruise tragedy puts industry bookings in question 1
The Costa Concordia foundered off the Italian coast on Friday, January 13.2
Costa Concordia struck a rock in the Tyrrhenian Sea just off the shore of Isola del Giglio, near the western coast of Italy.3
standing by a lighthouse look at the cruise liner Costa Concordia on January 17, 2012.4
Costa Concordia, Interview With Michael Crye of CLIA - By John Konrad On February 6, 2012 Michael Crye is the executive vice president of the 5
Costa Concordia: How Travel Insurance Can Help = PR NewswirePress Release: – Fri, Jan 20, 2012 10:14 AM EST WARWICK, R.I.6
company of the ship Costa Concordia that toppled over near an Italian island, has announced a safety review for their entire fleet.7
Costa Concordia is a Concordia-classConcordia class cruise shipThe Concordia class is a class of cruise ships that are operated by Costa Cruises and Carnival Cruise Lines, subsidiaries 8
Costa Concordia Captain Didn’t Abandon Ship, He Just, Uh, Fell Into a Lifeboat = * By Dan Amira 9
Costa Concordia captain 'could be jailed for over 2,500 years on shipwreck, manslaughter charges' Andhra News | 7:5 hr ago February 7, 10
Costa Concordia May Have Had Unregistered Passengers = Pier Paolo Cito/Associated Press Italian Navy scuba divers worked next to the cruise ship Costa 11
Costa Concordia officer denied crisis on board = Posted January 20, 2012 13:01:15 Concordia captain reportedly admits to mistake Video: Concordia 12
horrific Costa Concordia shipwreck that caused the luxury liner to list so badly to the right that hundreds couldn't reach their lifeboats to get to safety.13
Costly Costa Concordia: cruise ship company may lose $155 million - The sinking of a massive cruise liner and deaths of some 34 passengers and crew - and other costs 14
Costa Concordia is a Concordia-class cruise ship owned and operated by Costa Cruises. She was built at Fincantieri's Sestri Ponente yards in Italy.15
Schettino, the captain of the Costa Concordia, was under house arrest in Naples. He is under house arrest at his home in Meta di Sorrento, about a half-hour drive from Naples.16
Costa Concordia Captain Arrested, Abandoned Sinking Cruise Ship! = - Posted on Jan 15, 2012 @ 05:00PM print it send it Splash 17
14, 2012: The luxury cruise ship Costa Concordia leans on its starboard side as seen from the Giglio harbor, after running aground off the tiny Tuscan 18
Divers searching the wreck of the Costa Concordia have located the body of a woman in the submerged part of the wrecked Italian cruise liner.19
Follow costa concordia on Gawker Tomorrow's News * costa concordia Jan 30, 2012 13,137 Republican Overlord: Obama’s Just Like 20
after abandoning his sinking ship, the Costa Concordia, while some of his 4,200 passengers were still on board.21
Captain of Costa Concordia claims he fell into lifeboat during chaos - 22
Exclusive: Costa Concordia in previous close call - FREE CONTENT = * Wednesday 18 January 2012, 00:30 * 23

Builders of the Costa Concordia are Fincantieri and Italy.

The Costa Concordia had sailed earlier on Friday from Civitavecchia port near Rome for a Mediterranean cruise, due to dock in Marseille after calling at ports in Sicily, 24
The hectic evacuation of the sinking cruise liner Costa Concordia has been compared with the likes of the disastrous Titanic disaster.25
On paper, Costa's latest new-build - Costa Concordia - is one of the most exciting and innovative ships to debut in Europe.26
Costa Concordia: Software Quality Engineer Certification = MSDN Blogs > Secret Microsoft Communications > Costa Concordia: Software Quality Engineer Certification Costa 27
Costa Concordia captain: symbol of the era? = The Concordia captain's missteps and failure to take responsibility have spurred deeper discussion about a dearth 28
Costa Concordia disaster: Italian court refuses to lift Captain Francesco Schettino's house arrest order The Daily Record 23 minutes ago 29
Following last weekend's Costa Concordia disaster, shares in the Carnival … Full Story »The Costa Concordia disaster: How badly will it hurt the cruise 30
and cabins, the crash of the Costa Concordia has confirmed the fears of cruise-industry critics—the ever-expanding size of these floating cities has outstripped the capacity of their crews to get so many 31
Costa Concordia at Valletta, Malta on January 4, 2012.32
Costa Concordia leaves Piraeus (seen from ferry boat from Aegina) 04.33
The splendid Costa Concordia was 290 meters long, and had thirteen decks. The ship featured thirteen bars, five restaurants, four swimming pools and five hundred balconied staterooms.34
Costa Concordia_Vesuvius chevron * Costa Concordia_Vesuvius chevron * 35
GIGLIO, Italy - The Costa Concordia, precariously resting on one side, will likely be a part of the scenery off the Italian island of Giglio for the better part of a year.36
wrecked cruise ship Costa Concordia as worsening weather on Friday could cause it to shift deeper into the sea, delaying plans to pump oil out of the vessel to prevent a possible environmental 37
- the cruise ship Costa Concordia, laden with half a million gallons of fuel.38
The Costa Concordia had more than 4,200 passengers and crew on board when it slammed into a reef Friday off the tiny Tuscan island of Giglio.39
Italy's Costa Concordia and Britain's Titanic are now in the news. Passengers from the Costa Concordia say the tragedy mirrored the "Titanic" film.40
Costa Concordia crew who seeks class-action status to represent all victims of the Jan. 13 disaster off Giglio Island.41
Costa Concordia, Emblem of Socialist Europe - For the ultimate symbol of socialist Europe, look no further than the Costa Concordia: 42
The Costa Concordia captain probably did, too.43
Costa Concordia – The 3 Most Fatal Mistakes = By John Konrad On January 20, 2012 * 44
Costa Concordia's tale of two captains: the 'hero' and the 'coward' = Italy is enthralled by two captains involved with the Costa Concordia.45
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Costa Concordia
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July 2006
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₢450 Million
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