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Grand Princess is a Grand-class cruise ship owned by Princess Cruises. Built in 1998 by Fincantieri Cantieri Navali Italiani in Monfalcone (Hull Number 5956) Italy at a cost of approximately US$450 million she was the largest and most expensive passenger ship ever built at the time. Grand Princess primarily operates in Europe during the summer to early Autumn and then operates in the Caribbean during winter to late spring. She is the flagship in the Princess Cruises fleet.

Wouldn't do Grand Princess again (ship to dark, felt lacking light) Didn't write a review as it 1
* We currently have 63 Cruises with M/S Grand Princess on offer, starting from 401 € terms | about us | frequently asked questions (faq) | contact | 2
Grand Princess is a consummate host at sea, rivaling the most luxurious resorts on land.3
2,600-passenger Grand Princess was made because of weaker than expected demand for Europe, a Princess official said.4
aboard the Grand Princess! Get ready for a treat - all of the dining options offer amazing food! Take the traditional dining option, and eat at the same time each day 5
Currently the largest passenger vessel ever built, Grand Princess was built in Italy for Princess Cruises in 1998. She is the first in a proposed line of 3 sister ships.6
Exterior view - Grand Princess Exterior view Grand Princess by Lars in November 11 Exterior view - Grand Princess Exterior view Grand Princess by Lars in November 11 - 7
football fields,� Grand Princess � flagship of Personal Choice Cruising - nevertheless provides a sense of being aboard a much smaller ship, with intimate nooks for relaxation, and lots of 8
Grand Princess - Princess Cruises superliner at sea * Cruise Ship * Public Areas * Cabin Details 9
Grand Princess - Ship Description - Built at a cost of more than $430 million, this impressive ship offers "Movies Under the Stars," a cruising 10
Grand Princess - Why Your Kids Will Love A Holiday Cruise On This Ship To Book The Cruise Freek Forums's Christmas and New Year's Eve Cruise, a 14 Night Caribbean Holiday Please CLICK HERE 11
Grand Princess is a spectacular floating palace with a sense of space and intimacy.12
Grand Princess received a multi-million dollar refit in May 2011 ahead of its summer season sailing from Southampton which saw the largest and most expensive make over 13
Grand Princess recently had a multi-million-pound refurbishment that included the addition of the new One5 nightclub, with a popular outdoor chill-out area that overlooks the ship's wake as 14
Grand Princess refit caught on camera = Apr 13, 2011 10:38AM GMT Comments (Checking...15
Grand Princess Returns to Service = The luxury cruise liner, Grand Princess, has returned to service as passengers set sail with 16
Grand Princess returns to service sans Skywalkers Nightclub = By Gene Sloan, USA TODAY Updated 17
Grand Princess was the first of four ships in this class built for P&O Princess Cruises.18

Builder of the Grand Princess is Fincantieri.

Grand Princess, one of the world's largest passenger ships, is very distinctive-looking, with its 159-foot bridge across the bow and a unique nightclub suspended across the stern 150 19
Grand Princess, the flagship of Grand Class cruising, is one of the largest, most expensive ships afloat.20
Grand Princess, the flagship of Personal Choice Cruising, offers a wide variety of services and features - enabling them to customize their cruise experience with a myriad of dining, 21
onboard Grand Princess is a truly unforgettable experience. Traditional Choose between our Traditional or Anytime dining experience onboard Grand Princess.22
Princess InfoGet Info On Grand Princess Access 6 Search Engines At
the Grand Princess in general, and in comparison to the Century, as well as a summary of our activities on the cruise.24
The Grand Princess is a ship that offers a little bit of something for everyone.25
The Grand Princess: A Huffington Post Travel Cruise Ship Guide = The Huffington Post Nia Stanley First Posted: 12/8/11 Updated: 12/8/11 26
the Sabatini's Trattoria on board the Grand Princess which are more intimate restaurants serving up exquisite local specialties and gourmet favourites. Reservations recommended and a $20/$30pp cover charge applies.27
there were some good and bad things about the Grand Princess that others may want to consider compared to their needs.28
This being my very first ever cruise aboard Grand Princess, on a 14 day West Meditteranean cruise departing from Southampton 19th June 2010.29
This week's 3 most popular Grand Princess cruises based on site visits 1. 14 night British Isles Passage ex Fort Lauderdale on 7 Apr 2012, from $1,175 2.30
title of Grand Prince (or Grand Princess) on the heir and proclaim the information to the Imperium.31
Watch live webcam views from the Grand Princess and gaze upon the beautiful Mediterranean, from scenic ports of call, such as Barcelona, Venice and the Greek Isles.32
When she originally debuted, Grand Princess was the world's largest and most expensive cruise ship ever built.33
When the Grand Princess debuted in 1998, Skywalkers Nightclub was a curiosity, the AquaTheater or ice rink of its day.34
When the refit has been completed, Grand Princess will head for Fort Lauderdale and then cross the Atlantic to visit Cork, Dublin, Glasgow, Holyhead and Falmouth before arriving back in Southampton on May 21.35
The Grand Princess welcomes all equally as do all of the other magnificent ships on which we have traveled.36
Ship Name
Grand Princess
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May 2011
Ship Original Cost
US$450 million
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Ship Capacity
Ship Registry
Ship Type
Cruise ship
Grand class cruise ship
Ship Ordered
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