MV Minerva

The first Minerva is a cruise ship built in 1989 and originally intended as a Soviet research vessel the Okean. The deal to purchase her fell through and she was purchased by Swan Hellenic (at the time a subsidiary of P&O Cruises) in 1996 and renamed Minerva. She is 436 feet long has a beam of 65.6 feet and measures 12 500 gross tons. She sailed with Swan Hellenic until her lease ran out in 2003.

* MV Minerva, a cruise ship built in 1989 * Minerva II, a cruise ship launched in 2000 * USS Minerva, various ships of the 1
the mv Minerva (gross tonnage of 12,449 tonnes and has 197 cabins offering a maximum of 394 lower berths), which has its unique 'country house' style.2
The bareboat charter agreement for mv Minerva establishes certain minimum return conditions on the vessel at the end of the agreement.3
MV Minerva is a fantastic 'County house at sea', sailing with around 350 passengers on board, she is perfect for fitting 4
Join mv Minerva on Vintage Iberia and Italy, departing 16 March 2012, and experience Cordoba, Florence and Rome and the Vatican completely complimentary in addition to the existing 5
' our entertainment on MV Minerva - winner of Conde Nast Traveller's cruise award, no less - was more sophisticated.6

MV Minerva, is elegant yet relaxed and is designed to create the feel of a country house hotel.7
All voyages aboard Swan Hellenic Cruises MV Minerva go to some of the world's most exciting destinations and promise to be their most comfortable and most rewarding cruises yet.8
Relax onboard as mv Minerva takes you to your next destination.9
nabbed Wilchard Relles, a waiter of the ship MV Minerva, as soon as the vessel docked in the port of Bergen on July 14, 2008.10
ship, MV Minerva, is elegant yet relaxed and is designed to create the feel of a country house hotel.11
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