Sapphire Princess

The Sapphire Princess is a cruise ship owned by Princess Cruises which entered service in 2004. It is one of the world's largest cruise ships with a capacity of approximately 2670 passengers and is the sixth Gem Class ship built by Princess Cruises. The ship was christened on June 10 2004 in Seattle; it was the first cruise ship ever to be christened in that port.

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Auckland and the Sapphire Princess at her Princes wharf berth.3
The Sapphire Princess is a wonderful ship. We found her in good shape and manned with a wonderful staff.4
The Sapphire Princess is one of the recent additions to "Princess Cruises" part of the Carnival Corporation and was cruising the New Zealand coast.5
100 people on Princess Cruises' Sapphire Princess cruise ship based in Seattle. As we have reported in prior blogs, the U.S.6
Entering service in late 2004, Sapphire Princess is the first member of Princess Cruises "e;Gem Class"e; of liners, a modified version of their "e;Grand Class’.7
Entering service in late 2004, Sapphire Princess is the first member of Princess Cruises ‘Gem Class’ of liners, a modified version of their ‘Grand Class’.8
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Princess Cruises Sapphire Princess stopped in to Honolulu Harbor yesterday during the first of its 7 port calls to Hawaii this year.11
princess cruisesThe Sapphire Princess cruise ship entered service in 2004. It carries 2,670 passengers and is part of the Princess Cruises fleet.12
Sapphire Princess arrives today at the Victoria Shipyards drydock in British Columbia to begin a dramatic, four-week transformation.13
Sapphire Princess at Ketchikan, Alaska on June 7, 2011.14
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Sapphire Princess is a jewel on the high seas - filled with innovative features and luxurious amenities.16
Sapphire Princess is approximately three months from delivery at the time this photo was taken at the end of February.17
Sapphire Princess is considered as the twin of her sister Diamond Princess, as both have many things in common, the most obvious being the largest of Princess 18

Builder of the Sapphire Princess is Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Sapphire Princess that we missed? Let us know! Is there better advice that we can give - we would love to hear from you.19
Sapphire Princess to Undergo Major Transformation - Princess Cruises Completes Rollout of The Sanctuary - read all news...20
Sapphire Princess was built in Japan and completed in 2004, fitted with over 700 balconies from which passengers can step out and enjoy the refreshing ocean breeze.21
SAPPHIRE PRINCESS, joined the fleet in June 2004, following closely behind sister ship Diamond Princess.22
The 116,000 GT (gross ton), 290 meter-long, Sapphire Princess has a height of 54.0 meters above water surface, almost equal to that of a 18-story building.23
The animal was discovered as the Sapphire Princess prepared to dock in Vancouver after travelling from Alaska.24
The Grand Class Sapphire Princess entered service in May of 2004. Sapphire Princess, and her sister Diamond Princess, are the next generation of Personal Choice Cruising vessels in the Princess Fleet.25
The length of Sapphire Princess is 290.00 meters, which is about 951 feet and the beam is 37.00 meters, which is about 121 feet.26
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The Sapphire Princess is a cruise ship owned by Princess Cruises which entered service in 2004.28
The Sapphire Princess is a lovely ship, full of enough tucked-away spots that you rarely feel the full force of the 2,700+ passengers and 1,100 crew members aboard.29
The Sapphire Princess is a true jewel of the ocean.30
The sight of Sapphire Princess simply takes your breath away. She is one of the largest state-of-the-art superliners to cruise from Australia and offers innovative cruising at its best.31
This week's 3 most popular Sapphire Princess cruises based on site visits 1.32
Sapphire Princess offers new high-tech features and many of the classic ones that Princess passengers have come to admire.33
The Sapphire Princess is a jewel on the high seas - filled with innovative features and luxurious amenities.34
The Sapphire Princess is very similar to the Golden and Grand Princess.35
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Ship Name
Sapphire Princess
Ship Decks
Ship Crew
Ship Tonnage
Ship Original Cost
US $400 million
Ship Capacity
Ship Type
Cruise ship
Gem class
Ship Status
In service
Ship Christened
Christening Date

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